Development Alternatives onboarded as an associate member of the Catalyst 2030 platform

Development Alternatives was a part of the onboarding session organised by Catalyst 2030 to welcome the associate members of the network officially. Becoming a platform member will enable Development Alternatives to join a network of like-minded organisations and exchange knowledge on social innovation.

Field Visit to Pond Rejuvenation Sites in Niwari, Gurugram and Jodhpur

Development Alternatives’ team visited Niwari in MP, Gurugram in Haryana, and Jodhpur district in Rajasthan to study and document the best-case studies of pond rejuvenation. It was done to analyse its success factors, and evaluate the policy intervention which can further contribute to the Government of India’s mission on Amit Sarovar.

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Exposure Visit to TARAurja site to Shivpura, Balrampur

An exposure visit to a solar mini-grid site in Shivpura, Balrampur, was conducted with members of Virangana Lakshmibai Mahila Farmer Producer Company Limited of Mihinpurwa, Bahraich, along with the Development Alternatives and the Transforming Rural India Foundation teams.

Session on Social Innovation and Social Solidarity Economy

Development Alternatives took part in a session to discuss and deliberate on Social Innovation and the Social Solidarity Economy. It aimed to showcase the strategic value of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) in policy discussions on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Knowledge sharing training programme at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

A knowledge sharing training programme was conducted at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, under the project Integrated Water Resource Assessment of Udaipur district for Indian project team researchers. One of the growing urban areas is Udaipur city of Rajasthan, richly endowed with a network of lakes.

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Development Alternatives adds to the agenda of Sustainable Livelihoods

Abstract (30-35 words): Development Alternatives participated in the 1st Multistakeholder Steering Committee for the India Agtech Advisory Project (IAAP) organised by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) in collaboration with the State Government of Uttar Pradesh on May 01, 2023 at Lucknow, U.P.

Countdown to the UN SDG Summit 2023 - Session on Sustainable Cities, Consumption and Production

A webinar session marking the sixth in Stakeholder Forum's eight-part "Countdown to the UN SDG Summit 2023" series leading up to the SDG Summit in September 2023. Discussion on SDG 11 and 12, with an emphasis on enhancing the environmental component of the 2030 Agenda.

Go Green, Plant Trees. Celebrating Earth Day in Madhya Pradesh

Radio Bundelkhand celebrates Earth Day in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund by planting trees in Madhya Pradesh. Addressing environmental damage that man-made activities have done in the past and how we need to make environmentally conscious choices each day to leave a better planet for the future generations to come.

Bal Melas Held in Govt Schools in Sonbhadra, UP

To support Govt school children in exploring their cognitive self-understanding and knowing about various career pathways, DA organised Bal Melas and Career Counselling Sessions in five villages in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh as part of the LIC HFL HRIDAY Project.

JalTARA Filter: A Step Towards Clean Drinking Water

Three JalTARA filters are now used by 300 families in Sonbharda, UP. A project supported by LIC HFL has directly benefited the most remote communities of this dry and arid region. These filters have given a ray of hope to the communities and now these filters are run and maintained through LOCO model.

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