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"Women Empowerment is essential for sustainable development. At Development Alternatives, we are addressing the problem of inadequate education by imparting functional and digital literacy. We build upon this base through relevant skill development, assistance in setting up enterprises and eventually integrating it with the mainstream markets. Thousands of women have used these valuable skills and opportunities to set up their own enterprises and supplement their household incomes. This diversification of income benefits the overall economy as well grants financial independence to the women who have been dependent for all their life. Improved quality of education, business opportunities and access to markets all empower women to stand on their feet, earn better incomes and have improved standards of living. This opens the doors for not only women but also the larger socio-economic growth of the nation and a step towards an equal world."

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Together with our partners, we have touched the lives of over 10 million women in India.

Nurturing Financial Futures: A Mother’s Testimony

Santosh's journey, empowered by WE-LEAD, exemplifies the transformative impact of initiatives. From a factory worker to an empowered provider, her perseverance led her children to gain employable skills and higher income. Her story reflects the enduring strength of mothers nurturing dreams despite societal barriers, fostering a better future.

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Shattering Gender Barriers, Pramila is Now the Primary Breadwinner of the House

LPramila defies traditional roles, evolving from homemaker to successful entrepreneur with the aid of WE-LEAD and Rang De. Her journey exemplifies the power of gender-inclusive opportunities and women-led businesses.

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Manisha’s Path to Financial Independence

Residing with her three young children and husband with little to no money, Manisha was no stranger to adversity. The family depended on the dwindling fund provided by Manisha’s parents and her husband’s meagre income provided no reprieve to their woes.

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Break the Barriers: How Chanchal’s Fight for Financial Independence Liberated Her

Ever since childhood, Chanchal had big dreams for herself. She was stubbornly ambitious with a brilliant mind teeming with curiosity and aspirations. Chanchal wanted to pursue her higher education at a renowned university and work a high-paying job with which she could provide for her family.

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Help us make 5 Million Women literate by 2025.

Empowering women through functional literacy

From a dependent to an independent woman, from homemaker to an entrepreneur, from less aware to helping others with their knowledge, TARA Akshar Graduates have been paving the way for development and growth of women and communities. An ICT-based Adult Literacy Programme, TARA Akshar has made about 2.4 lakh women functionally literate.

TARA Akshar - Guddi Devi | Guddi Devi - from being non-literate to being a strong leader

The video follows the journey of Guddi Devi - from being non-literate to being a strong leader. Guddi Devi has been leading by example showcasing how much impact literacy can have in one’s life. After TARA Akshar+, Guddi Devi was able to successfully manage tasks like withdrawing money from her bank account independently. She now leads a strong SHG in her region which has helped set up various enterprises, ensured implementation of government schemes and improved the community wellbeing.

TARA Akshar+ is an ICT based Adult Literacy Programme. Being run in more than 8 states, it has made about 2.4 lakh women functionally literate. Help us make 5 Million Women literate by 2025. Donate now: devalt.org/taraakshar

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  2. july 28, 2020
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literacy and women empowerment

Padhegi Woh Toh Badhenge Hum

Development Alternatives has partnered with NDTV to start a unique campaign for literacy and women empowerment- Padhegi Woh Toh Badhenge Hum. So far 2.4 Lakh women have benefitted from the Tara Akshar Programme. We aim to reach 5 Million women by 2025 through the same. To know more about the campaign, tune in on 23rd October on NDTV 24x7 at 12:30 PM & NDTV India at 10:30 AM.