The concept of inclusive entrepreneurship, or ‘SAMUDYAM’, stems from the belief that an ecosystem of actors can induce systemic change to build new micro-economies where progress is based on equitable growth and social well-being. These actors not just address the problems of livelihood insecurity and widespread joblessness that India is faced with, but deal with issues that caused them in the first place. SAMUDYAM envisions to bring more people into the ambit of entrepreneurship and create jobs on a scale that cannot be matched by small, medium, and large businesses alone. It is dedicated to a systemic change in which millions of ‘job seekers’ become ‘job makers’ within their communities, thereby leading to enhanced social inclusion and sustainable economic growth.

Through SAMUDYAM, Development Alternatives aims to bring together a constellation of actors who recognise how grassroots entrepreneurs remain invisible in policymaking, who are concerned about the limited effectiveness of the public and private sector models for growth, and who hope to overcome the inability of social purpose organisations to take their innovative solutions to scale.


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