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Panel proposes start-ups for solving waste pollution problem to Agra M

As part of the Clean Air Action Plan of the District Administration of Agra, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its partners are providing support and technical assistance in the implementation of activities under the plan.

To improve lives, rural electrification efforts must respond to local

Fostering local innovation and equipping local service providers with the tools to deliver solutions that meet people’s needs can create sustainable development impact at scale.

In the post-pandemic world, we must prioritise people

The current pandemic has offered mankind another opportunity to mend its ways. The first warning shot was the seminal work done by the “Club of Rome” in 1972. The forum realised that the human species, unlike other living beings, was consuming not for its needs but for its greed.

Hydropower development in India can and should be sustainable

New Delhi: The Uttarakhand dam disaster is a reminder of the fragility of humanity’s relationship with nature. Turning our back on hydropower may seem like an easy answer, but it would be the wrong response.

BE the change

A community programme in Mirzapur has made palpable difference in empowering anyone who has a workable idea to become an entrepreneur, discovers Sakshi Sharma

Addressing India's water crisis - A discussion on Business Television

While the government has created a new ministry to look at water conservation, the President, Prime Minister and the entire cabinet is talking about the issue. With India's ground water depleting, is it too late to address issues of irrigation and drought? To discuss this Business Television India (BTVI) organised a panel discussion on Addressing India's Water Crisis. Dr K. Vijaya Laksmi, VP Development Alternatives emphasised on the mismanagement of water as the prime reason for crisis.

Jal Shakti Drive For New India: A panel discussion on Business Television India

The government has launched "Jal Shakti Abhiyan" as part of the initiative to accelerate water harvesting and conservation. To discuss this Business Television India (BTVI) organised a panel discussion on Jal Shakti Drive For New India. Dr K. Vijaya Laksmi, VP Development Alternatives, emphasised on the need for an action plan to use water as one unit on the show.

Red brick kilns in Bihar destroy about 6,000 acres of land every year

The study has been done by DA in association with Bihar State Pollution Control Board. Commenting on this situation, BSPCB chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh said, “The red brick kilns are destroying the agricultural land and depleting the groundwater also

How resource overuse has now put us on the brink of collapse in many sectors

India’s development trajectory has to meet the twin objectives of ‘Prosperity for All,’ ‘Within Planetary Boundaries’. National strategies for economic development and growth must, therefore, ensure that building financial and human capital does not stress our natural capital; rather, it must regenerate it. A national policy framework that guides the sustainable management of our natural resources and ecosystem services is critical to secure India’s future.

TARA Akshar+ Programme Enlightens Lives of Women in Hardoi District, U

TARA Akshar+ programme has been successfully concluded in Kachhuna Block of Hardoi District (Uttar Pradesh). Supported by the HCL Foundation, with the help of CSO partner - Sarvodaya Ashram, a total of 1556 women have been made functionally literate in the six gram panchayats of the district within a time period of August 2017 and April 2019.

Dr Ashok Khosla's interview on Future Design

Dr Ashok Khosla's interview has been published in the March/April 2019 Issue of Japan SPOTLIGHT, a Journal of Japan Economic Foundation (JEF). He was interviewed by Naoyuki Haraoka, Executive Managing Director of JEF. The issue focuses on Future Design.

International Women's Day Celebration

The International Women's Day was celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm in the programme areas of Development Alternatives. Women shared their journey towards empowerment and were felicitated for their commendable work to bring change in the society.

Wadi Chopan Samiti, promoted by DA received the Gramin Samridhi Samman

WADI Chopan Samiti of Sonebhadra (Uttar Pradesh), a group institution nurtured and promoted by DA, received the Gramin Samridhi Samman for 'Excellent Work’ in WADI development in Uttar Pradesh for the year 2018-2019 by NABARD Uttar Pradesh regional office. DA has facilitated the development of over 1,700 wadis for tribal families in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh under the aegis of the Tribal Development Fund of NABARD.

TARA Akshar+ celebrates 70th Republic Day

TARA Akshar+ neo literates celebrated the 70th Republic Day in all the five geographies - Bhadohi, Haridwar, Lalitpur, Jhansi and Hardoi District with great zeal and enthusiasm.

DA's paper published by the European Publications Office

DA's paper on 'Systemic interventions to support the access of rural poor to safe and sustainable housing' published in the book 'Building, owning & belonging’ by European Union in Collaboration with UN-Habitat. This paper is a narrative account of the journey of the basin-South Asia platform in India to advocate for a national rural housing policy in order to facilitate safe and sustainable habitat for all in rural India and the movement in the policy environment as a result. Click Here to read the book.

Calcined clay limestone cements (LC3)

The use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) to replace part of the clinker in cement is the most successful strategy to reduce CO2 emissions in the global cement industry. However, limited supplies of conventional SCMs make it difficult to take this strategy further unless new types of SCMs become available. The only type of material available in the quantities needed to meet demand is clay containing kaolinite, which can be calcined to produce an effective SCM. This paper looks mainly at results emerging from the LC3 project (, which focusses on the most reactive kaolinitic clays.

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