Stories of change

The Common Facility Center Creating Livelihoods

Read the story of Zenmuankim, who heads the administrative unit at the Common Facility Center (CFC) of the Indian Micro Enterprises Development Foundation-Scheme of Funds for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (IMEDF-SFURTI) Aromatic cluster in Churachandpur district, Manipur. She works as a link to collectivise women farmers and in the cluster, extracts lemongrass oil to make products like lemongrass tea, oil, dispensers, etc.

The Master Trainer in Silk Yarn Manufacturing

Rehana Bibi is a master trainer of silk yarn reeling at the Indian Micro Enterprises Development Foundation-Scheme of Funds for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (IMEDF-SFURTI) Jungle Mahal Tasar Cluster in West Bengal. She learned the craft as part of capacity-building programmes conducted under IMEDF-SFURTI to promote the Tasar silk value chain among the santhal tribal artisans. Hitherto, she has trained 40-50 women to operate yarn reeling machines.

Sanatan Maity: A supporter of the Laban Satyagraha Movement

Read the inspiring story of Sanatan Maity, 91, from Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal, whose journey shows a pledge towards 75 years of self-reliance of upholding craft and economic independence. A master trainer of Taant  (handloom) and Charkha at the Mat and Babui Grass Craft Cluster. Over the years, he has trained over 600+ artisans.

Is Your Coffee from Chintapalle?

Read the story of V. C. Aliveni from Chintapalle village in Visakhapatnam. She is a part of the cluster that employs 500 coffee producers from tribal communities and links them with traders who procure at fair prices. Visakhapatnam Coffee Cluster is one of the Indian Micro Enterprises Development Foundation-Scheme of Funds for Regeneration of Traditional Industries clusters (IMEDF-SFURTI) clusters, which employs more than 500 coffee producers from 127 villages with tribal communities of over 46,000 members.

Engineering Rajapur Since 1998

Meet Santosh Vishwakarma, from Rajapur village, Uttar Pradesh, is the sole proprietor of a vehicle repair enterprise.His ambition to service bikes and cars remained a distant dream because of limited access to monetary resources. In order to expand his business, he joined various training sessions under our Work4progress program, which helped him to expand his enterprise by adding a welding and metal works unit with better equipment, which boosted his sales by a factor of four.

Radio Bundelkhand - Empowering the Farming Community

Read the story of a farmer from Niwari, Madhya Pradesh, who adopted modern farming technologies through our Shubhkal" programme on Radio Bundelkhand. The programme helped him to learn about various climate-resilient farming practices, including the seeds of low-water crops, which resulted in the better productivity of his crops, and he earned a good profit by selling vegetables.

The Electricity Monitor

Meet the Electricity Monitor, Sapna Jha. Sapna is 28, from Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh. In order to make a difference, She joined the National Rural Livelihoods Mission group. After a while, she was selected for the post of Vidyut Sakhi by NRLM, but due to her limited knowledge of smartphone operations, she could not perform the duties. When our Technology & Rural Advancement for Women Empowerment through Annihilating Gender Digital Divide (TARA WE ADD) Project began in Sapna's village, she enrolled herself in training to acquire digital literacy. This gave her much-needed mentorship and confidence to use technology without inhibitions and multiplied her efficiency.

The one who walks with time

Kavita Rajput, 30 years old, from Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh learnt to read and write under our TARA Akshar+ programme. This helped her take on work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) as a MGNREGA mate. However, she could not register her attendance on the MGNREGA portal as she did not have a smartphone. Our TARA WE ADD project helped her gain financial literacy and she became proficient in mobile applications. Now Kavita marks the presence of laborers by visiting the MGNREGA portal using a smartphone and is doing her work more efficiently and confidently.

Pankuvar Kushwaha: Inspires to change

Pankuvar Kushwaha is a resident of Kachipura village in the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh. Although farming was her family's primary source of income, they couldn't make a profit from selling the produce as her farm's productivity was quite low. After listening to the programmes broadcast on Radio Bundelkhand she switched to modern farming practices which helped her increase her crop productivity and yield substantially. The fertility of the field increased too as fertilizers were now being used less.

Agent of change

Taramani, a 35-year-old entrepreneur, grew up in the colorful temple lanes of Vindhyachal and saw an opportunity in the booming religious tourism sector. He started manufacturing small containers for packaging vermillion. To expand the business, he joined various training sessions held by different stakeholders in Mirzapur under our work4progress programme, wherein he learned about various livelihood opportunities. Through the training, he expanded his network and became a voice for other entrepreneurs.

The Curious Seeker

Jashoda Bai, 27 years old, is a curious seeker from Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh. After becoming literate through the TARA Akshar+ programme, she registered herself with her village’s Smartphone didi at our Digital Literacy Center under the Technology & Rural Advancement for Women Empowerment through Annihilating Gender Digital Divide (TARA WE ADD) Project. Here, she underwent digital literacy training sessions. This helped her gain financial literacy and she learned how to operate a smartphone and other mobile applications that enabled her to set up a grocery shop.

There is sunshine after every storm cloud

Distraught in poverty, Manisha was slowly losing hope in everything around her. A family of five (two daughters and a son), her husband did not earn much to sustain everyone. A community resource person from Development Alternatives (DA) showed her a ray of hope. Through her help, she attended numerous interviews. She underwent a logistics training programme conducted by DA under the Women Empowerment through Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship Access, and Digitalisation project (WE-LEAD), which helped her secure a job. She was placed at one of the warehouses owned by DB Schenker.  Through hard work, she was promoted from a picker in the warehouse to a scanner position.

Fighting all odds

Chanchal, a 21-year-old girl, who fights all odds to support her family. She yearns to travel to new places, complete her higher education, and work in big companies. A girl from the small village of Pelpa, Badli, Haryana was made to drop her studies after class 12 to focus on household chores. Her zeal to achieve financial independence led her to join our  Women Empowerment through Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship, Access, and Digitalisation (WE-Lead) project in 2021. In the project, she underwent logistics training with her mother's support. Today, she works as a Data Entry Operator and supports her family. Her unwavering spirit keeps her fighting for her rights.

Narendra Kushwaha: An inspiring entrepreneur

The inspiring story of a young entrepreneur Narendra Kushwaha who lives in Rajapur village, Madhya Pradesh. After being inspired by his wife's tailoring shop, he set up his electrical energy-efficient LED bulbs making enterprise in 2019. But during the lockdown in 2020, he understood the changing needs of the people. He underwent the "ILO certified Start Your Business Training '' Under our Work4Progress programme and invested in a computer to set up a micro-ATM facility. Now, he has been able to provide internet services locally to cater to the villagers' needs.

Santosh – An Inspiration for All

Like all mothers, I too have a dream," says Santosh, a mother of three children living in Badli, Haryana. This is an inspiring story of a mother who turned into employment after her husband's accident. She enrolled herself in the ongoing logistics training under the LEAD programme in 2021 on warehouse operations with the help of one of the project's Community resource person. She got placed with Reliance in the function of a picker. Today, she is earning INR 11,500/- per month, and she wants to build up an exigency fund.

Shradha Tiwari - The real support system

Shradha Tiwari is the sole proprietor of 'Maa Shardha Garments,' a saree store. Inspired by her husband's enterprise, she set up her enterprise in 2020 with the help of udyaME. Today, she is helping her husband expand her husband's readymade garment store and mutually secure a comfortable future for their children. In partnership with RangDE, DA enables social investors to support unbanked communities' livelihood and education needs.

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