Stories of change

Shradha Tiwari - The real support system

Shradha Tiwari is the sole proprietor of 'Maa Shardha Garments,' a saree store. Inspired by her husband's enterprise, she set up her enterprise in 2020 with the help of udyaME. Today, she is helping her husband expand her husband's readymade garment store and mutually secure a comfortable future for their children. In partnership with RangDE, DA enables social investors to support unbanked communities' livelihood and education needs.

Nirmala Devi: An Inspiration for Others

Meet Nirmala Devi, an inspiration for others. The Work4progress programme enabled her to set up her enterprise. Through various training sessions; she learned about different livelihood opportunities and set up her "Paper Plate manufacturing" enterprise at home. Today, she is earning INR 25,000 per month and encourages other women around her to follow their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Pratap Singh Parihar: Preparing Orcha's youth for a digital world

The inspiring story of Pratap Singh Parihar is an example for millions of entrepreneurs. After an unsuccessful endeavor, Pratap attended enterprise development training sessions under our Work4progress programme, which helped him set up a new computer service enterprise again. Today, he aspires to set up a training center for the youth to provide them with the opportunity to connect globally.

Prabha Rajpoot: The Real Support System

An inspiring journey of a woman from Maharajapura, Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, started as a worker at a local cow shed with the local women's groups. With her zeal to do more for her family and community, she underwent Work4Progress (W4P) programme training and learned about various business opportunities, and today she is the managing director of Sakshi Producers Pvt. Ltd. The W4P programme of DA and "La Caixa" Foundation co-creates innovative solutions to empower women in rural India.  

A path to eco - friendly business

The inspiring story of Imran is an example for other entrepreneurs who are willing to take charge of their lives to address poverty and work towards better livelihood. Imran has set up a fly ash brick manufacturing unit with the help of the employment generation programme and today has created a significant impact on the environment. Through its joint initiative with Bihar State Pollution Control Board (BSPCB), DA promotes green building material enterprises.

Rinky Raidas: From Surpress to Success

Meet Rinki Raidas, Baghaura, UP, a neo-literate woman, who after completing our Adult Literacy programme- TARA Akshar+, with her husband's immense support, now is an example for other rural and peri-urban women who want to come forward to stop discriminations, alcoholism and inequality in their communities. Rinky, today, handles her family's finances, travels independently to different places, and equips other women with the knowledge of health and hygiene.

Mapping strength to weave success

It was not an easy journey for Malti Devi to fight for her right to educate. She got enrolled in TARA Akshar+ programme and today she is in charge of her own life and has overcome economic obstacles – which has enabled her to provide a better life to her children.

Educate women, Empower a generation

An inspiring journey of a woman from UP, who stepped out of her house and challenged the societal norms to embrace financial and digital literacy. Jannat-o-nishad, with support from her husband, signed up for TaraAkshar+ programme along with her daughter-in-law to strive towards independence and self-reliance.

Paving ways towards Self-Reliance

The inspiring story of Baby is an example for millions of women, who are willing to take charge of their lives to address poverty and illiteracy and work towards self-growth and livelihood for their family. TARAAkshar+, helped her accomplishing financial literacy. It resulted in expanding her enterprise and grocery store. She motivated other women in the village to join the programme and enable their rights.

Lata Verma: Unveiling Change

Meet Lata - a change maker. TARA Akshar+, adult literacy programme enabled her to stand on her own feet through the power of functional literacy and numeracy, and helped her in starting her own enterprise. She has not only challenged the patriarchal norms of society but has also set an empowering example for many others in her village.

The Rebirth: a Gaushala Story in Village Gundrai

Learn about the Ramraja Gaushala, a solution initiated by the women of Sankalp Swashakti Mahila Mandal to set up a community cow shelter. Today with 108 stray non milch cows, this gaushala is a local business hub that builds economic resilience.

Mamta Bundela: An Inspiration

Meet Mamta Bundela, who took charge to address her community's water woes by mobilising an 11 member committee to operate a renewable energy based model for drinking water supply at households. Today water reaches every household. Inspired by Mamta, women of Punawli Kalan have emerged as local agents of change.

Hamara Gaon

Read the story of a village Pipra in Bundelkhand, which decided to take ownership of its future through an integrated village development model. A micro plan, with short and long term priorities encompassing infrastructure, land management and water security was designed. In the last six years 80% of the households have drinking water supply and the village is 100% open defecation free.

Aapo Bija- Bhutan Jagata: The Dhikoli Story

Dhikoli village in Bundelkhand sought out DA's help for water security issues. Together we undertook water budgeting exercises and planned watershed management. Since then, there's no looking back. Dhikoli has become a climate resilient and water positive village.

Unleashing her Potential

Yashoda Dev, once a marginalised farmer, is now self-reliant. The wadi plantation, through which she cultivated variety of crops, emerged as a reliable source of income for her family and helped her achieve her dreams.

Literacy Paved the Way for Leadership

Meet Kalui Devi. A woman who fought all odds to live her dream of becoming literate and independent. Today she is a change maker who advocates for environmental protection in the community.

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