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Our stories of change will tell you some inspiring and interesting human/enterprise stories


Pran Singh: Saved by WADI

Pran Singh, a small farmer with only 2.5 acres of land, lives in Busahar village of Shivpuri District in Madhya Pradesh. Successive years of drought and the lack of irrigation sources had made struggling with farm distress a way of life posing as a threat to livelihoods. In 2016, DA enabled Pran to come under the fold of the WADI programme supported by NABARD initated with the idea of providing a holistic approach to address the production, processing and marketting needs of the tribal famrers. Today, Pran Singh is a successful WADI farmer and has been able to come out of his poverty. He now has a steady source of income.


Prem Narayan: A farmer with Hope

Prem Narayan, a resident of Manpura village in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh lives with his wife and a 14 year old son. With 1.5 acres land and managing a single crop, life was not easy for Narayan and his family. Poor productivity of the land further aggravated the struggle for daily survival. Pren Naraan was introduced to vegetable farming. He is now a leader in his village and has rekindled the faith in land amongst his fellow farmers.


Ms. Rekha Wadhva: Being wise with waste

Ms. Rekha Wadhva, a resident of Pitampura (Delhi), is a home maker with a passion for gardening. When the Development Alternatives’ team shared the concept of kitchen waste recycling with the various households in Saraswati Vihar, she was first amongst the 40 households to grab the opportunity to get trained to convert kitchen waste into compost through waste care composters and installed the composter at her home. She has been wise in converting waste into manure.

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