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Alternative Models for Nature Conservation

For sustainable growth in the days of climate change, conservation of nature is bound to be a critical factor in any process – be it of manufacturing, creating economic opportunities, or even promoting eco-tourism. In this edition of the newsletter, our writers explore various alternatives to the traditional models of nature conservation.


Plastics and Circular Economy

Plastics have become embedded in our lives like a few other materials have, thanks to the many benefits they offer. But there is also a price to pay. Reducing plastic waste is among the key challenges that humankind faces today. An industry and research collaboration between India and Australia has been at work to find a way out. This edition of the newsletter, which is written in collaboration with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia, brings to you a series of articles about that collaboration and the progress made on the possible solutions.


Livelihood and Entrepreneurship

Every year, a large number of youth transit into the working age, and search for opportunities to earn their livelihood. While employment creation has its own challenges, converting some of the job seekers into job creators can solve the problem. This edition touches upon the themes of the ‘Sam-Udyam’ initiative, the need to involve the community in job creation, and creating decent livelihoods through rural entrepreneurship, apart from revisiting finances for micro-enterprises.


LC3: Going Green Brick by Brick

India is not only among the largest economies in the world, it is also among the fastest growing ones. The future growth is bound to involve explosive growth in building construction, which can put pressure on natural resources. This edition of the newsletter is devoted to LC3, the cement-manufacturing technology that is our best possible alternative to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.


Literacy to livelihood: Empowering Women

Women hold up half the sky. In this edition, let us consider how unleashing their enterprising energies ticks off so many boxes on the charts: not only empowerment and inclusive livelihood, but also the overall betterment of society and economy.

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