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Panel proposes start-ups for solving waste pollution problem to Agra M

ANI | 29 Jul 2021

As part of the Clean Air Action Plan of the District Administration of Agra, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its partners are providing support and technical assistance in the implementation of activities under the plan.


To improve lives, rural electrification efforts must respond to local

Eco-Business | 30 Aug 2021

Fostering local innovation and equipping local service providers with the tools to deliver solutions that meet people’s needs can create sustainable development impact at scale.


In the post-pandemic world, we must prioritise people

The Indian Express | 28 May 2021

The current pandemic has offered mankind another opportunity to mend its ways. The first warning shot was the seminal work done by the “Club of Rome” in 1972. The forum realised that the human species, unlike other living beings, was consuming not for its needs but for its greed.


Hydropower development in India can and should be sustainable

ET Energy World | 16 Apr 2021

New Delhi: The Uttarakhand dam disaster is a reminder of the fragility of humanity’s relationship with nature. Turning our back on hydropower may seem like an easy answer, but it would be the wrong response.


BE the change

The Pioneer | 14 Oct 2019

A community programme in Mirzapur has made palpable difference in empowering anyone who has a workable idea to become an entrepreneur, discovers Sakshi Sharma

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