Climate Action – Resilience and Finance

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to the world, natural resources, species and livelihoods. India is particularly vulnerable to this and is likely to have varied impacts owing to its geographic diversity, stronger dependence on agriculture, and increasing exploitation of natural resources coupled with population growth and socio-economic challenges. Major efforts are still required to develop low-carbon and climate resilient lifestyles in India.

Through our work in research and advocacy, we are actively engaged to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation at global, national and regional level. Some of our initiatives are inter-linking the SDGs and Paris Agenda, implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) at national and state level, impact and vulnerability assessments, community-based adaptation, climate risk communication, climate adaptive planning and mainstreaming climate change in the local developmental agenda. We are devising and implementing community-led adaptation strategies, by empowering communities and local institutions in the rural areas. We also design and deliver strategies to help rural communities cope with climate change vulnerabilities by promoting climate resilient farming solutions, afforestation strategies and enhancing their adaptive capacities to address climate change. DA is extensively working on climate change communication and climate adaptive planning at the grassroots level to facilitate further uptake and upscale of these adaptive measures.


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