Business Model Incubation

The key objective of this programme is to validate new technology-based enterprise and business models in emerging markets that enhance the quality of life and promote environmental sustainability.

Energy – Enterprise Ecosystem: The programme facilitates building business models that deliver electricity through decentralised micro grids by building a positive ecosystem for rural electrification – to have a transformative effect on rural economy. The energy services model is unique as it recognises the dual roles of people in village communities – that of being producers as well as consumers. It uses electricity to put money “into people’s pockets”; cash that can be used to pay for not just lighting but improved nutrition, health care, education, entertainment and other needs. In terms of energy supply, innovative resource efficient and green technologies are proposed for household needs and local enterprises.

Solutions for Safe Water and Waste Water Management: The emphasis is laid on incubating and proving the viability of business models that help increase access to safe water solutions and its reuse at domestic level. The portfolio currently includes sodium hypochloride based point of use solution (Aqua+) and soil based waste water treatment utilising capillary action


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