Sustainable Agriculture

The agriculture sector in India is facing the daunting task of feeding its rapidly expanding population; a task that seems increasingly uphill in the context of multiple challenges of climate change impacts, resource degradation and competing land demands amongst others. India in the past has had phenomenal success in achieving quantum leaps in its food production during the green revolution, but it has become abundantly clear that the strategies exemplified by the green revolution has its own set of limitations that do not allow it to be considered as a sustainable strategy.

We workwith small and marginal farmers across India to build inclusive and locally sustainable farming models. We also strive to amplify sustainable agriculture by linking farmers to appropriate eco-technologies, providing technical support and conducting farmer trainings to build resilient farming systems in the most vulnerable regions of the country. Aiming at sustainable agriculture, the programmatic strategy is to bring improvement in economic wellbeing of farmers through enhanced productivity and profitability. This strategy includes aggregation of small and marginal farmers into farmers’ collectives for enhanced adoption and dissemination of technologies; and development and introduction of climate smart farming solutions. We also work to address the challenge of smallholder farmers by helping them in enhancing their income by promoting resource efficient practices.


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