Technology Transfer

The exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries catalyses transformative change for solutions and policy support. We have always put our efforts in the successful implementation of the technology through multidimensional approaches. At DA, the technology transfer ensures to achieve the maximum social and environmental transformation by creating enterprise eco system. The technology transfers of the building technologies such as sustainable building materials from Fly ash, Foundry slag, Construction and Demolition waste, Pond Ash and Marble sludge has catalysed in the transformation to achieve the circularity in the industrial clusters through productive utilisation of the waste stream as the secondary resources. We have transferred our flagship product Eco Kiln and sustainable building materials technologies in the national and international geographies. The Eco Kiln technology transfer paves the path way to obtain the quality and environmental friendly bricks in many brick clusters in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa and Malawi. The technology transfer at DA is not just limited to building materials, but also provides technology solution in the water purification and testing systems and energy.


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