MSMEs Cluster in India

Alternative Perspectives

SFURTI Clusters: Ecosystem Development for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in rural communities when seen as a bottom-up, systemic approach initiates socio-economic benefits such as a sense of ownership among communities and local collaboration, thereby building more resilient communities. A generative cycle is set into motion through higher earnings, social equity and improved and dignified livelihoods. Read More

Grassroots Initiatives

A Scope towards the Regeneration of Forest-based Tribal Enterprises in India

In India, it is a well-known fact that the forest-dwelling scheduled tribes are residing on their ancestral lands from times immemorial. They are integral to the very survival and sustainability of forest ecosystems. Indigenous people have used Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) for centuries, social scientists have only recently discovered their importance. In India, NTFPs collection, processing and sale is a major livelihood for the people, especially the tribals living in and around the forests. Read More

Data and Trends


Bengal government empowering MSME clusters

The West Bengal government is in the process of empowering MSME clusters in a bid to boost the sector hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

MSE-CDP: Govt approves revised guidelines of cluster development scheme to boost small businesses' productivity

In October 2007, the erstwhile cluster development scheme Small Industries Cluster Development Programme (SICDP) was renamed MSE-CDP and was last revised in 2019. Read More

Govt approves guidelines for small business cluster development programme for 2021-26 period

The scheme aims at enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of micro and small enterprises by undertaking certain interventions.
Read More

SIDBI approves Rs 600 cr for industrial cluster development in Maharashtra

The demand for skilled manpower in Maharashtra has been sharply increased due the launch of various government schemes such as Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities, and Clean India Mission. Read More


IMEDF SFURTI | Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Clusters | Jharkhand, India

Mobilising forest dwelling communities in India towards a sustainable livelihood, the Lac & Other NTFP Processing Cluster in Ghumla, Jharkhand has 500 tribal women farmers from the Santhal community who are part of Udyam Utthan Samiti, the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of the cluster. The women led SPV processes lac, tamarind and chironji and markets them under the brand "Nature Farm Fresh". Read More

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