As India aspires to become a super-economy, and recover the economic losses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the transformation of the MSME sector becomes a prerequisite. Several macroeconomic surveys suggest that the next impetus for growth in India’s economy will come from micro, small and medium sized enterprises, particularly due to their significant potential for employment and entrepreneurship. A lack of adequate access to finance has remained the biggest obstacle in the growth of MSME sector in India with a majority being self-financed still. The reasons for dwindling financial opportunities are several: insufficient operating information, financial illiteracy of small enterprise owners, small loans, lack of credit flow, lack of reliable sources etc. This editorial discusses emerging innovative solutions to MSME finance to aid the sector enhancing resilience, growth and prosperity. Perspectives on innovations in MSME finance Read More


Across the world, environmental risks are “socially differentiated”, affecting certain groups and communities differentially and disproportionately than others. Over the years, SEWA has effectively used microfinance as an integrated approach that combines savings, credit and insurance to support vulnerable communities in managing risk during both natural and manmade disasters. The experience of SEWA have shown the power of linking financial services with people’s organisations and capacity building for strengthening long term disaster preparedness among vulnerable communities. Read More



The MSME sector has long since been a central driver of the Indian economy. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the sector, aggravating the challenges it faced pre-pandemic. Although several relief measures have been announced for the MSME sector, more ecosystem players need to come together to ensure greater access to finance and credit for MSMEs to ensure their survival and revival. The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) hosted the MSME Finance Week, 12-16 December 2020. The virtual event spanning over a week brought together government and industry leaders, investors and fintech startups from all over India to deliberate, ideate and collaborate on key financing solutions for MSMEs, across key themes such as: innovations in credit, supply chain financing, MSME receivables and micro-insurance. here.

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