Natural resources including renewable and non-renewable energy, metals and minerals, water, air, biomass and land, are key production factors. Restoring and maintaining the health of these resources by incorporating resource efficiency is a key element of sustainable development. It is not only needed to adequately feed current and projected populations, but also to provide a better quality of life to our future generations. Given that resource efficiency has links to the attainment of the SDGs and the aspirations of the Paris Agreement, globally it should also rank among the top priorities for enabling sustainable development now and in the future. Perspectives on equity in resource efficiency II Read More


The construction sector, including both residential and commercial buildings, has a significant impact on resource use and the environment during its entire life cycle, from early stages of development to use and maintenance. In recent times, constructions based on eco-friendly principles designed, built and used in an ecological and resource efficient way are gaining ground in India. Magarpatta city, in Pune has taken great strides in incorporating elements of ecological sustainability in housing and transport, from materials and construction techniques to renewable energy resources, water recycling and more. Read More



With estimates suggesting that up to 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050, cities are under pressure from all angles to minimise the required inputs of energy, water, food, waste and output of heat, air & water pollution. Buildings and constructions account for 32% of global energy expenditure, are responsible for 19% of greenhouse gas emissions and, based on projections and construction trends, emissions from the building sector could double by 2050 if we carry on business as usual. Established in 2007, and headquartered in London, UK, Climate Action establishes and builds partnerships between business, government and public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the ‘green economy’ A recording of their webinar on Sustainable Urban Infrastructure: Green Buildings and Liveable Cities can be found here.

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