The Indian MSME sector contributes significantly to the economic growth of the nation and has the potential to grow even further. The government and private as well as national banks have begun to take cognizance of the importance of the MSMEs and are working towards collective efforts to address challenges faced by the sector. Since time immemorial, MSMEs have been the cornerstone of the economy, surviving industrialization, globalization, the IT revolution and more due to their enterprising and adaptive nature. While the number of MSMEs continue to grow, lack of credit flow and other financial constraints severely hinder their ability to reach their full potential. Safeguarding the sustainability and effective functioning of MSMEs is the pressing need of the hour, requiring multi-level, multi-dimensional solutions. Perspectives on financing constraints plaguing MSMEs and potential solutions for mitigation Read More


What started out as a pilot project to link around 500 Self-Help Groups of the poor to formal financial institutions in the year 1992-93, has now become the largest microfinance programme in the world, in terms of client base and outreach. Based on the observations of various research studies and an action research project, NABARD conceptualized and implemented the ‘SHG-BLP ‘ model which has now evolved as a dominant mechanism for providing financial services to the unreached and underserved poor households of India. Read More



Policy initiatives and investment decisions taken for economic recovery from COVID-19 will determine if future threats to humanity and economies are mitigated or amplified. While establishing guiding principles for the rollout of the UN framework for socio-economic responses to COVID-19 at the country level, a focus has been on steering recovery towards more sustainable trajectories. The United Nations Environment Programme, in partnership with Development Alternatives and Climate Policy Initiative, is hosting a webinar on 'Greening the Economic Recovery Package of the Government of India', on the 6th of July 2020. For more information and details, Development Alternatives Read More

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