Within the first two weeks of the Indian coronavirus lock-down, images of blue skies, clean waters and birds and wildlife teeming into city gardens and streets started emerging on social media. We know how this happened: the industries are closed down, the factories shut; no polluting effluents in the drains, no diesel being burnt in the constantly running electricity generators and no fumes from the factory chimneys, the roads are empty of traffic and there are no petrol fuel fumes in the air, construction activity is stopped and there is no dust blowing. But there is a flip side to this sudden breath of fresh air. Thousands of small industries are closed, hundreds of thousands of workers are without income, and will soon be facing penury, hunger and destitution. Perspectives on MSMEs and informal sector workers post COVID-19 Read More


Since its inception in 2013, Amma Canteens have served and catered to the food needs of the urban poor whose vulnerabilities go largely unaddressed otherwise. In the period of this COVID-19 induced lockdown, Amma Canteens across Tamil Nadu, are providing accessible, decent meals to sanitation workers and migrant laborers free of cost. A number of measures and provisions enhancing both quality and quantity have been put in place to meet the needs of the present situation. Read More



In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Trade Centre (ITC) is focusing on short and long term implications for MSMEs, especially those in developing countries. To this end, SheTrades, ITC’s initiative for the economic empowerment of women, has launched a new webinar series titled ‘Responding to the Business Impact of COVID-19’. The series comprises six webinars tackling the most pressing topics including operations and supply chain, crisis management and response, financial planning and cash flows and liquidity. Each webinar will highlight key actions that MSMEs can take to reduce risks, protect their employees and customers and minimize economic damage. Read More

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