A new economy is possible, a new global village is possible. And as nationalist fires rage in country after country straining at the ties of the present global village that was brought into being by trade and economic co-operation, a new globalisation is emerging. The crisis of climate change and over consumption of natural resources has catalysed a global movement for change. This is largely a citizen’s movement, itself a coalition of many different movements, is pushing a transition to a greener, more inclusive future for each one and all. Interestingly, such a future recognises the need for local action in local economies as a fundamental condition for sustainability. The Future is therefore not just green and inclusive, it is decentralised. A global economy composed of a multitude of local economies, each one green and inclusive. What will be the ties that will bring these many decentralised interventions together at a global level? Perspectives on Building Movements of MSMEs in India’s transition to an Inclusive Green Economy Read More


Rural Housing: Most people in the Paithan Taluka (sub-region) of Marathwada region are unable to afford basic housing facilities required for a decent rural living. These people mostly depend on farming for their livelihoods, cultivating on very small patches of land in an extremely dry zone without access to irrigation, and making only a meagre income in the process. This model mentioned below trains marginalised women in masonry and transforms them into skilled masons in a period of one year. Read More



Development Alternatives, India partner of Green Economy Coalition (GEC)will be hosting the eleventh GEC Global Annual Meeting in New Delhi, India from 4-6 February 2020. It is a three day event where Day I will focus upon the scope and potential of green MSMEs in building green and inclusive economies in the world. Day II will see Local Green Entrepreneurs sharing stories of transformation and building solidarity while reflecting upon the scope, opportunities and challenges of Local Green Enterprises (LGEs) in India. In the discussions on Day III, participants will work towards identifying what has been done, what needs urgent attention and who will need to steer and play roles in taking these actions forward.Read More

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