The present trajectory of economic development in India, characterised by high resource intensity and inequality is likely to create irreversible damage to our social and natural systems - pushing us into poverty and undermining development gains. Running at almost twice its bio-capacity, there is no way that India will be able to achieve sustainable development unless our economic systems result in better and more sustainable outcomes for the economy, society and the environment. Green and inclusive economy models, as an approach, promise positive outcomes for the people and the planet and need to be mainstreamed for achieving sustainable development in India. One set of institutions that can help achieve the transformation are green and social micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Perspectives on Local Enterprises and Sustainable Development Read More


GreenOil GreenOil is an innovation based waste-to-energy company in Rajasthan that specialises in renewable energy and enriched organic manure from dry as well as wet organic waste. They have evolved their own polyphasic, poly-feed anaerobic digestion technology (Patent pending) that allows them to customise plants and to tailor them to local conditions and waste availability. Read More



Development Alternatives, India partner of Green Economy Coalition (GEC) ), will be hosting the eleventh GEC Global Annual Meeting in New Delhi, India from 4-6 February 2020. It is a three day event where Day I will focus upon the scope and potential of green MSMEs in building green and inclusive economies in the world. Day II will see Local Green Entrepreneurs sharing stories of transformation and building solidarity while reflecting upon the scope, opportunities and challenges of Local Green Enterprises (LGEs) in India. In the discussions on Day III, participants will work towards identifying what has been done, what needs urgent attention and who will need to steer and play roles in taking these actions forward.Read More

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