For centuries, our development and economic prosperity has depended on production of more and more goods and services. This has led to an ever-growing consumption of natural resources, which in turn has required an ever-increasing extraction and depletion of these resources from Mother Earth. The emerging results are severe threats to nature’s capacity to yield (let alone regenerate) the resources we need such as water, metals, minerals, fossil fuels, fish stock, arable soils, wildlife and the diminution of our forests, soils and rivers. The extraction, transportation, processing and use of resources is highly energy-consuming and this activity is a very large contributor to carbon emissions and climate change. Perspectives on Resource Efficiency Read More


Solar Water-pumping Solutions: The need for environment-friendly irrigation techniques is imperative in a monsoon dependent country like India. A consensus is building that the country needs millions of more farmers who run their irrigation systems using solar power. In this light, Claro Energy, in Bihar, offers solar powered water pumping solutions to meet irrigation and drinking water needs in power deficit rural areas, replacing diesel-powered pumps. Read More



TARAgram Yatra is an  annual flagship event, organised by the Development Alternatives Group in partnership with international thinking-learning organisations, designed to deliberate on germane issues of development with the mission of inspiring sustainability in policy and practice. The theme of the Yatra this year is "Invest for Impact" and will focus on green livelihoods, entrepreneurship and skill building as the keys to sustainable economic prosperity.  Read More

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