Government of India has established the need for mechanisms which allow MSMEs to adopt better and higher levels of technology and remain competitive in a fast globalising world with special emphasis on rural and micro enterprises, through suitable measures to strengthen them for converting the challenges into opportunities. This article discusses these mechanisms and throws light on the work of the Indian Micro Enterprises Development Foundation, a special purpose vehicle set up by the Development Alternatives Group to service the development of green and social enterprises Mechanisms to upscale MSMEs Read More


The K.K. Plastic Waste Management (KKPWM) Limited established in the year 2002, under the Companies Act 1956 aims to make Bangalore city free of plastic. The company has commercialised the construction of bitumen-plastic mix roads. Through research in the field and the laboratories, it was found that, with the usage of processed plastics in bituminous mixes, the life of the pavements can be enhanced by two to three times with the addition of eight percent plastics modifier. KKPWM treats and processes 8-10 percent of Bangalore’s plastic waste. Read More



The Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) is organising International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainability 2019 at Hotel Novotel Visakhapatnam, India from 5th - 6th April, 2019. Read More

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