Micro businesses are the backbone of today’s economies and their growth is of great importance for job creation and economic welfare. In India, there are approximately 1.5 million registered MSMEs, out of which 94 per cent are micro enterprises. The Work 4 Progress (W4P) program of "la Caixa" Foundation in partnership with Development Alternatives aims to promote employment in developing countries by expanding economic opportunities for youth and women who have difficulties in accessing enterprise solutions. Role of Developmental Evaluation in the Implementation of SDGs Read More


Bhawani Shankar Fly Ash Bricks  is a fly ash brick unit run by Smt. Mikki Devi in the Narpatganj town of Araria district, Bihar. Smt. Mikki Devi is one of the first women entrepreneurs in the Bihar fly ash brick sector and is running the business successfully. The enterprise was set up through support from the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) a government credit linked scheme. The unit, established in April 2018, manufactures 10,000 fly ash bricks per day. Currently, it provides employment to 16 individuals. Read More



The Society for Technology & Action for Rural Advancement (TARA), is organising LC3 – Information Day, at Radission Blu Hotel, Guwahati, India on October 4, 2018.
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