Is literacy a prerequisite for preparation of training in livelihood or income-generation activities, or can livelihood programmes run separately from literacy programmes and have the desired effect? This article tries to answer these questions, stressing upon how literacy and skill development have a substantial impact on poor people's livelihoods, while trying to establish how literacy programmes need to be coupled with components of livelihood skills to have the desired effect, citing learnings from Development Alternatives' flagship adult literacy programme, TARA Akshar+. Functional Literacy for Better Livelihoods. Read More


ScrapShala, established in January 2016, is a Varanasi based social enterprise that up-cycles dry waste and converts it into utility based products. The enterprise hires local artisans to manufacture their products that are available through online and offline sales. It was built on the idea of using the expertise of artisans to create and commercialise products that were derived from recyclable dry waste generated in household, commercial or industrial areas. Working at ScrapShala has doubled the incomes of the less privileged artisans, and helped revive Indian traditional art, while also reducing open dumping of dry waste. Read More



The Asian Society for Academic Research is hosting an International Conference on Renewable Energy, Green Technology and Environmental Science (ICREGTES) on April 22, 2018, at Mumbai, India. Read More