Co-Evolutionary Approach to Natural Resource Management: The transition to a sustainable low carbon economy will require innovation and deployment of a range of low carbon technologies for delivering energy and other services for individuals, communities & businesses. However it is important to analyze what generates influence between key evolving systems of technologies, institutions and business strategies. A key approach to assess this transition is that of a socio-technological niche, social-technical regimes and landscape. This approach is based on the belief that evolutionary theories of economic change go against the neo-classical economic assumptions of perfect rationality of actors and quasi-equilibrium.


Read about Hasiru Dala Innovations, a social enterprise in Bengaluru, which aims to provide predictable livelihoods to waste pickers through circular economy centric business models that have both a social and an environmental impact. Their business model of decentralized franchisees empowers waste pickers to be entrepreneurs and job creators



The 6th Edition India Manufacturing Summit 2017 is being organised in Mumbai on 23rd September 2017 to discuss issues affecting today's manufacturing organisation.