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Climate Change Narratives by Grassroot Communities

Over the last few years, discussions on climate change in many global, national and state level summits and conferences have mostly been around what the experts understand and believe. Understanding of climate change from communities’ angles and perspectives has been somewhat limited. Climate Outreach, CANSA and other civil society organisations like Development Alternatives have done a collaborative research on the topic and tried to create an understanding about climate change through the narrative of climate affected communities in rural Bundelkhand in Central India. The drought prone Bundelkhand region comprising of 13 districts in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh is one of the most climate vulnerable areas in India. The participants in the two workshops were mostly farmers and all were men of varied age groups and low levels of education. The sessions were conducted in Hindi.


Creating Low Carbon Communities through Behaviour Change

It is now well understood that the most viable alternative to reduce the CO2 impact of cement (and therefore, concrete) is the use of supplementary cementing materials (SCMs). The reduction in clinker factor of cement can also prolong the life of limestone reserves, making it possible to continue using cement as a major binding material for concrete...


Creating Low Carbon Communities through Behaviour Change

Community-led approaches stimulating individual and collective energy action have emerged as an alternative route for realising reductions in energy demand, through changes in people's understanding and behaviours related to energy consumption and generation. Much social and environmental psychological research has been undertaken on how domestic energy behaviours can be influenced in order to reduce energy consumption.

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