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People’s ideas: Mainstreaming innovation at the grassroots

The Times of India, Ahmedabad | 16 Mar 2017

Over 350 participants from across India representing 105 NGOs discussed 20 years of Small Grants Programme (SGP) in India, and 25 years globally, on first day of the three-day Pan-India SGP Meet at Centre for Environment Education (CEE) in Ahmedabad. The conference has been organized on the theme 'Mainstreaming Grassroots Innovations.


Phoenix rising

The Hindu, BusinessLine | 14 Mar 2017

When broken down boulders and rubble waste sit by the roadside or at a demolition site for months on end, as they do in most of our cities, rarely does the thought arise where does it all go from here? The unfortunate answer is that this material, made up of sand, gravel, bricks and cement generated during demolition and construction of housing and infrastructure exercises, mostly lands up in all the wrong places. It roughly constitutes a third of the total municipal solid waste.


To change India, we need a State-NGO collaboration

Hindustan Times | 05 Mar 2017

Election time once again raises the question of power. So many promises are being made but the winners will prove powerless to fulfill most of them. When I visited Assam recently, I saw that governments would do better if they shared power.

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