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There are approximately three billion people unemployed and living on less than two dollars a day in the developing world. There is evidence that indicates entrepreneurship is a key factor for economic development. One of the most recent tools to have emerged, which foster such entrepreneurship, is micro-franchising. Micro-franchising is a poverty alleviation tool at its core. Its primary objective is to promote economic development by developing sound business models. With the objective of being franchised within the low income segments located at the base of the pyramid, micro-franchising represents an opportunity to transfer the necessary tools to the individuals who can then operate a business successfully.

DA has been the pioneer and has been setting up franchises in different sectors over the last 30 years. TARA Machines and Tech Services Pvt. Ltd., a social enterprise of the DA group, has partnered with ACC and is setting-up TARA-ACC branded “green building centres”. These franchises are a one-stop shop for all green building requirements, from design to facilitation of construction. Over 15 green building centres will be operational by the end of this financial year.

TARAhaat Information and Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., another social enterprise of the DA group, creates micro-franchises to deliver IT-enabled education and skill building products to young job seekers. TARAhaat also creates micro-franchises to implement its large adult literacy programme called TARA Akshar. Till date, TARA Akshar has made 90,000 women literate. This has formed a strong foundation to scale-up its franchise operations, and now TARA Akshar plans to make 100,000 women literate over the next 2 years.


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Green Building Centers

Green Building Centres have multiple economic, environmental and social impacts. Other than creating employment and giving a boost to the local economy, they have a huge potential in mitigating climate change impacts through promoting energy and resource efficiency and waste utilisation.

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TARA Livelihood Academy (TLA)

TARA Livelihood Academy (TLA) was established in 2007 by the Development Alternatives Group (DA) as yet another vehicle to fulfill its mandate of disseminating Sustainable Development, by providing skills to the youth, women and community groups. Recognizing that skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development, TLA aims at supplying trained workers who are dynamically adjustable to the changing demands of employment and technologies to the market and create a workforce that is in demand. With fast changing skills in the labour market, TLA focuses on short, relevant and effective courses that would get candidates into the workplace, i.e. skill training must ensure a job for those who seek it. The placement of these skilled persons is also in the mandate of TLA where-in its own Placement Agency works with the industrial tie-ups to ensure jobs...

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TARA Karigar Mandal

A dual objective for the formation of the TARA Karigar Mandal has been improved livelihoods of building artisans and efficient delivery of ‘green habitat services’ in Bundelkhand. The Mandal was formally launched at the International Habitat day on October 2, 2007. This association of trained and trainee artisans from 50 villages around the operations of TARAgrams in Orchha, Datia and Pahuj has begun in a  modest way to address the concerns of skill and workmanship improvement, introduction of green building skills and linking trained artisans with emerging job opportunities. Its list of activities in one year alone indicates a potential of organised services delivery for eco-building services in the Bundelkhand region...

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