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Ever since its inception in 1982, DA has acted as a research and action organisation, designing and delivering eco-solutions for the poor and the marginalised. It has a deep understanding of the rural markets and a strong presence in the Indian heartland. Its existence has been credible and visible in addressing poverty challenges in a climate-sensitive environment, nationally and internationally. DA’s belief in enterprise and utility of the market has led to the establishment of its own green businesses, designed to take low carbon and resource efficient pathways to inclusive growth in areas such as rural housing, renewable energy, water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling from local to global scale.

This approach and the decentralised structure have helped DA foster entrepreneurial and community energies, and generate multipliers far beyond the expectations of any new initiative. This has allowed DA to draw upon the millennial wisdom of our indigenous culture, the languages of which are the only ones in the world that have a causative tense for their verbs – “karwana” and “banwana”, which mean to facilitate rather than do. This resonance with our nation’s deep psychology is one of the strongest ways in which DA, as a network enabler, can short-circuit the process, by which every man, woman and child in our country can hope to live a decent and fulfilling life. Moreover, it prevents dependency and encourages dignity and ownership.

DA has also created some special purpose vehicles to scale this initiative. TARA Machines and Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. promotes sustainable technology solutions for small and medium enterprises. TARAhaat Information and Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. creates micro-franchises to deliver IT-enabled education and skill building products to young job seekers.


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Decentralised Energy Systems (India) Private Limited (DESI)

DESI Power is a collaboration between DASAG, India and TARA(Technology for Action and Rural Advancement) which offers at a turnkey system to supply electricity and energy services using renewable sources of energy…..

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