Aggregation Service Models

Aggregation involves bringing together products from decentralised production units to enable economies of scale in transportation, storage and retail. As a business model, aggregation helps to create livelihood opportunities for people by providing market access. It provides a platform to the producer groups, and also helps them reach out to consumers who are willing to pay a better price for their products.

The power of aggregation is achieved through the merger of several similar and related businesses into a combined entity, resulting in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

TARA, as an aggregator, aggregates the output of local producer groups including micro, mini and small-enterprises, and provides them organised market opportunities.

Currently, TARA is working on setting up aggregation models for fibre based products and spices in the Bundelkhand region. TARAgram, a lifestyle store situated at Development Alternatives’ World Headquarters in New Delhi, is one of the successful models set up by TARA. TARAgram combines style, design, quality and sustainability to create collections in stationery, desktop accessories and home décor. It is a platform for artisans to showcase their unique collections made out of recycled materials.

The store also displays different kinds of TARA handmade paper made by the Sahariya tribal women and other marginalised groups working in the Bundelkhand region. It follows the ideology of "waste-to-wealth" and integrates this in every process, product and practice. The enterprise provides the local community with an alternative source of livelihood, with the aim of eliminating the dependency of local livelihoods on natural resources, to create a reliable employment base throughout the year.


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TARAgram Store

Handmade paper and products displayed at the store are produced by marginalized groups including Sahariya Tribal Women in Central India. The store has exclusive collections of.....

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