Community Based Enterprise Models

DA facilitates the creation of group and individual community based enterprise models among the poor, to boost local economic development. These enterprises have special relevance in backward areas, where people’s capacities are poor, and conventional businesses fail to provide jobs or the business environment is not conducive to operations. The value chain development approach is often applied to these enterprises, to economically empower the backward communities. The current portfolio of community enterprises includes agri-processing, vermicomposting, green building materials and service based enterprises, fulfilling the needs of the community.


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Village Enterprise Zones (VEZs)

The provision of energy services is a vital precursor to economic development. In India, approximately 57% of the population is deprived of reliable electricity supply and thus, very limited options exist for socioeconomic development in the country.

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Exploring the potential of mutually reinforcing role of women in habitat based livelihood services-technology development, application and delivery

The project concentrates on rural communities especially women, with an emphasis on construction based livelihoods. The project is testing the hypothesis that: the development and delivery of habitat products and services can lead to tremendous benefits to both the women as well as the sector.

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