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The DA Group has been actively engaged in research, advocacy and outreach activities for climate change adaptation and mitigation at global, national and regional levels. Some of its initiatives are GHG inventorisation and policy research for National Communications, vulnerability assessments, community based climate change adaptation, climate risk communication, climate adaptive planning and mainstreaming climate change in developmental agenda.

DA has extensive experience in employing research assessments, tools, techniques and methodologies for identifying vulnerabilities to climate change. The results from these studies have provided inputs to the Madhya Pradesh State Action plan on Climate Change, Second NATCOM and so on.

DA is actively engaged in devising and implementing community-led adaptation strategies, by empowering communities and local institutions in the rural areas of India. It designs and delivers strategies to help rural communities cope with climate change vulnerabilities. It also helps communities by promoting climate resilient farming solutions, afforestation strategies and enhancing their adaptive capacities to address climate change. DA is extensively working on climate change communication and climate adaptive planning at the grassroots level to facilitate further uptake and upscale of these adaptive measures.

Also, DA is actively engaged in policy research at national, regional and global levels, and is facilitating practice-to-policy connect for climate resilient development. DA is a founding member and board member of Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), and has been working with the network to strengthen South Asia's position in global climate change negotiations and policy development processes.


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Combating Climate Change and its Impacts: A Study of India's Financial Requirements and Gap- A Study

India is confronted with the challenge of sustaining rapid economic growth amidst the increasing threat of climate change. India stands 18th in the world on the Climate Risk Index with the score of 38.50 (Kreft & Eckstein, 2013), indicating the high level of exposure and vulnerability to extreme events.

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Buliding resilience in agriculture for food security

This document is an outcome of a project titled; “Building resilience in agriculture for food security” funded by Heinrich Böll Foundation, for the economic development, social empowerment and environment management of our society.

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Sustainable Civil Society Initiative to address Global Environmental Challenges (SCSI)

The project attempt to influence vulnerable communities, local administration and facilitating agencies in the public sector towards development to enhance the adaptive capacities of communities. The initiative has promoted efficient resource use and enhanced incomes for small and marginal farmers, women and building artisans.

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