Energy Security

Lack of access to energy is a major barrier to achieving equitable growth and building resilience of the poor and vulnerable communities. DA is working on rural electrification projects to make energy more accessible in rural India. Decision support models for village energy planning are built in association with Gram Panchayats; and community based village energy services models have been strengthened.

The Smart Power for Environmentally-sound Economic Development (SPEED) initiative focuses on building an enterprise model for rural electrification. The energy infrastructure is also developed under this initiative, and the energy is sourced from renewable sources like solar and biomass. SPEED runs in some blocks in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The SPEED model is technology-neutral, has both on-grid and off-grid connected locations, and provides supply to households as well as enterprises.

DA defines a community, a nation or a sub-nation entity as 'energy secure' if these are solely responsible for sourcing the power. According to DA, any sustainable strategy for energy sourcing must be largely self-financing and self-reliant. The DA Group also focuses on streamlining decentralised renewable energy sources to electricity for enhancing village energy security, building products and services for the rural areas.

DA promotes energy efficient cook stoves that use clean alternative sources of fuel and help rural households in daily domestic needs. DA endeavours to provide households with smokeless stoves (chulhas) to reduce indoor air pollution. It is also testing various fuel mixes, such as hybrids, biomass and biogas to provide more efficient green fuel.

Some of the focus areas of DA are to provide critical knowledge, build capacity and expertise, and generate policy recommendations, in the fields of energy security and easy access to energy for all. DA creates comprehensive policy perspectives on decentralised renewable energy, schemes, village electrification and state level policy briefs on energy related strategies in place.


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Designing sustainable rural energy solutions in the Terai Arc Landscape

The aim of the study is to develop an inventory for energy intensive sectors in selected panchayats. To prepare a roadmap for energy intensive sectors at panchayat level providing them with techno-commercially viable  sustainable energy solutions to meet their energy needs.

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Village Electrification through Sustainable use of Renewable Energy

We place on record our gratitude to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation for providing the financial and institutional support, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and TARA field team for providing field support, local communities of the project villages, local NGOs for their untiring work and enabling us to broaden our understanding of field realities.

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