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To achieve the goal of providing safe drinking water, the DA Group has been working towards facilitating the delivery of clean drinking water to local communities. The DA Group has been involved in new technology development and exploratory research of cutting edge options for clean drinking water. New products like the affordable Jal-TARA Arsenic filter, Jal-TARA water filters and Aqua+ have been developed as a result of such endeavours.

The Jal-TARA Arsenic Purification System developed by the DA Group is a low cost, innovative household filter unit which removes arsenic and iron. It also reduces the bacteria in drinking water. The filter prototypes were designed and developed to meet the following goals: no requirement for electricity, filter-cum-storage unit, efficacy in arsenic removal, rate of filtration, sturdy and tamper proof with aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the filter was designed as such that it’s amenable to local assembly and can be recycled in the area where it is to be used. The Jal-TARA water filter employs sand filtration technique to provide safe and clean drinking water to the community. It is a modular unit that doesn’t require electricity or chemicals for operation.

Aqua+ is a liquid chlorine solution that deals with bacteriological contamination. This product is easy to use, store and manage. One bottle can treat 500 litres of water and has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacturing.

The DA Group has also designed a kit for accurately testing water quality and determining its suitability for drinking. Jal-TARA kits are lightweight, field-ready and have elegant leak-proof cases.


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Green Energy for Drinking Water

Regular access to safe drinking water remains inadequate in India despite several efforts by the Government to ensure that every citizen

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TARA Aquacheck Vials

TARA Aquacheck Vials can test the presence of pathogenic bacteria in water that cause common water borne diseases like diarrhoea/ dysentery/ gastroenteritis.TARA Aquacheck vials are highly reliable and very simple to use.

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Jal-TARA Community Water Filter

Jal-TARA Community Water Filter is designed to treat drinking water contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and turbidity using slow sand filtration technique. The strength of this system lies in its cost effectiveness, simplicity of installation, operation and durability...

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