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The construction sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. It has strong links with other industries, especially industries associated with building materials. The DA Group has been involved in research and development of building materials that utilise industrial wastes and have low embodied energy.

The DA Group, in collaboration with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), was instrumental in the introduction and dissemination of EcoKiln technology in the country. Within a span of 12 years (2000-2012), more than 120 EcoKilns were established on a commercial mode, producing premium quality bricks and satisfying the entrepreneurs. The DA Group has also worked considerably in research, development and promotion of fly ash bricks. TARA Machines and Tech Services Pvt Ltd. has developed technologies and machines based on scientific analysis and understanding of the waste materials.

The DA Group has also worked on other green building materials, like Micro Concrete Roofing tiles (MCR), paving blocks, stabilised concrete earth blocks, prefabricated roofing elements, precast doors and window frames. The MCR tiles are better than the conventional roof cladding materials due to their structural strength, durability, cost effectiveness and lowest embodied energy, among other alternatives and micro-scale entrepreneurial possibilities. Stabilised Compressed Earth Blocks (SCEB) is a soil-based walling material, stabilised with 5% cement, which provides a cost-effective and environmentally-sound alternative to bricks. SCEB overcomes the need of brick firing at high temperature by compressing the soil through manual or mechanical means. Ferro-cement roofing channels, precast RCC planks and joists, and precast arch panels are alternatives to conventional RCC roofs. RCC concrete door and window frames are alternatives to wooden frames, manufactured in conventional sizes of doors and windows.


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Access of Fly Ash with Economic-Ecological and Social Benefits to All Stakeholders Engaged In the Manufacture of Cement and Cement Based Products- Preparation of A Perspective Document

The project looks at development of a position paper from the perspective of the cement industry indicating its social and environmental responsibility in a viable manner in view of the flyash notification S.O. 2804(E).

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