Natural Resource Management

DA initiated interventions on Natural Resource Management (NRM) in the Bundelkhand region in 1985, and pioneered several technologies for sustainable resource management. Many of these technologies have since been adopted at a wider scale. DA was the first to demonstrate the use of check-dams for ensuring water-security in rain-fed areas.

The NRM technologies promoted by DA include technologies for agri-productivity enhancement, water resource management, agro-forestry techniques, resource efficient and climate smart agriculture, and regeneration of degraded land and forests.

DA collaborates with research and academic institutions for the development and dissemination of NRM technologies. Such collaborations link scientists with farmers, and thus, the science to the practice. This helps scientists understand the needs and challenges of the farmers better. They also get to learn from the traditional practices of farmers, which helps them design and deliver targeted technological innovations that are more useful and acceptable to the farmers.

Over the years, DA has developed technology packages specific to the different agro-ecologies in semi-arid areas. These packages help reduce climate vulnerabilities, deliver improved productivity, achieve round the year water availability and deliver food and livelihood security. These packages may increase productivity by up to 30%, and also regenerate the natural resource base.

DA engages farmers' clubs, federations and Civil Society Organisation (CSO) networks for disseminating these technology packages, promoting adoption and impact at scale. These technologies are also promoted through farm equipment loaning enterprises, mobile irrigation system providers and so on.


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Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP-Niwari) in the Niwari of Madhya Pradesh

Enhancement of agricultural productivity using watershed technology and building community partnerships for management of water resources.

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Development of WADI (Agri-Horti based livelihood) among Sahariya tribal families in Babina Block of Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region in U.P.

The objective of the project was to improve the quality of life of 500 Sahariya tribe families by strengthening their livelihoods through implementation of the WADI concept...

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