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Since its inception, DA has embraced the use of Information Technology (IT) as an effective means of communication and knowledge access. Its IT branch is well-equipped to deliver state-of-the-art IT enabled products and services with an innovative twist.

TARA Akshar is probably one of the most impactful tools developed by its IT branch. This software is designed to deliver functional literacy to an illiterate person in just 49 days or 98 contact hours.

DA's IT branch works closely with the Geomatics Facility to develop Geographic Information System (GIS) based tools, such as digital water quality maps that provide information on the water quality of identified water sources and trends across seasons and locations, with a simple click of the mouse. The State of Environment (SoE) Atlas, commissioned by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, was developed by DA. It is a one-of-its-kind digital format repository of all the analysed information on the environmental status across the country, projected on maps, for visual communication.

Other innovative IT enabled tools developed by DA are interactive carbon calculators that help households estimate their carbon footprint resulting from their use of energy, modes of transport and lifestyle choices. It also provides tips on how to reduce their footprints, and is an energy calculator for buildings.

DA’s IT branch also maintains several websites both for the DA Group and for the knowledge networks, such as Basin-SA, Bundelkhand Knowledge Platform and New Economic Foundation (NEF). It offers a valuable portal for latest knowledge on issues of sustainable development for different audiences.


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