Climate Resilience

Development Alternatives (DA) is committed to creating climate change awareness and communicating the need to build resilience against climate change, for marginalised communities in the Bundelkhand region of Central India. The rural poor and indigenous people are most vulnerable and adversely affected by the consequences of climate change. These poor and vulnerable are least able to cope up with or voice out their stresses related to climate change. Moreover, sustainable development efforts related to climate change adaptation and mitigation have been limited at the local and grassroots level. In Bundelkhand, these have been particularly low. Communities in such vulnerable regions need strategies to adapt to climate change.

DA projects have led to new and effective solutions for tackling the problem of trafficking of women (later adopted by UNDP and USAID), minimising the health hazards of pollution caused by mining and quarrying operations, and creating new job opportunities for people in communities stressed by growing resource scarcities. 

Over the years, more than a dozen projects on resource management practices of indigenous people have been undertaken, with particular reference to common property resource management systems.   


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Sustainable Civil Society Initiative to address Global Environmental Challenges (SCSI)

The project attempt to influence vulnerable communities, local administration and facilitating agencies in the public sector towards development to enhance the adaptive capacities of communities. The initiative has promoted efficient resource use and enhanced incomes for small and marginal farmers, women and building artisans...

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Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP-Niwari) in the Niwari of Madhya Pradesh

Enhancement of agricultural productivity using watershed technology and building community partnerships for management of water resources...

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Development of WADI (Agri-Horti based livelihood) among Sahariya tribal families in Babina Block of Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region in U.P

The objective of the project was to improve the quality of life of 500 Sahariya tribe families by strengthening their livelihoods through implementation of the WADI concept.

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