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The DA Group has worked on multiple aspects of rural habitat – from development of appropriate technologies and equipment for production of environment friendly, low-carbon construction material, to dissemination of eco-friendly construction technologies, housing designs, integration with PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) and related schemes, demonstration of community buildings in rural areas, training of construction workers, development and implementation of new housing finance models, entrepreneurship and livelihood initiatives, and market creation for eco-habitat products and services. Extensive work has been carried out on the ground, to design and implement housing schemes, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects post-natural disasters. The DA group has also worked to advocate appropriate policies for rural habitat, through the development of a base document for the Government of India, for the first National Rural Habitat Policy for India. The activities broadly cover three primary areas that underlie any form of sustainable development process:

  • The design and large-scale dissemination of appropriate technologies
  • Rational environmental management systems
  • Equitable people oriented institutions and policies

The DA Group has been a pioneer in developing eco-friendly construction material and technologies. Technology manuals and guide-books for production and application of these technologies have been developed with support from the Department of Science and Technology, Building Materials Technology and Promotion Council, Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), and HUDCO of the Government of India. DA also has the expertise in providing technical enterprise and project management training and skill development to masons, building material producers, project management executives, supervisors and government functionaries, banking officials and PRI officials, in low cost, environment friendly and disaster safe rural housing.


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Rural Home Build Together PayTogether

The task of housing the millions of poor in rural India needs to deal with the twin challenges of facilitating affordable shelter as well as ecological construction at a large scale. Models are required that facilitate “processes for sustainable habitat development” in villages.

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Low Carbon Construction Training

The Government of India has recognised the need for action in the Low Carbon, Climate Resilient (LCCR) sector. However, there is a lack of attention towards the 70 million strong rural spaces and small towns which are emerging as areas of high growth. Knowledge Development and Dissemination for Promoting Low Carbon Construction in Rural Areas and Small Towns of India and South Asia” is an initiative undertaken by the Development Alternatives (DA) Group, supported by the Climate, Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN) that aims to bridge this gap.

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Micro entrepreneurial models amd services for the socio-economical development of the working poor in India

The main focus of the programme is the support to delivery of cost effective and energy efficient building products and services for rural and peri-urban communities through micro-entrepreneurs and artisans. The programme facilitates damand creation for their products and services through social marketing government schemes and micro-financing.

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