Water and Sanitation

In its pursuit of providing basic needs to communities, DA focuses on new technologies for safe drinking water. It promotes Household Water Treatment Systems (HWTS); and its innovative delivery models are designed to improve access to safe drinking water for the poor. New low-cost technologies, such as Solar Disinfection System (SODIS), are being actively promoted in the urban slums of Delhi, to provide safe drinking water to the poor. Other means of providing clean water, such as liquid chlorine solution and slow sand filtration, have been put on an enterprise route in rural and urban areas.


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WASH in Schools

According to the National Family Health Survey, in India, out of the approximate 0.63 million rural schools, only 44% have water supply facilities. A majority of the schools in India lack basic sanitation facilities; only 50% of government schools have toilets and 4 out of 10 government schools do not have separate toilets for girls.

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WASH in Communities

One-third of the Indian population does not have access to clean drinking water, resulting in causing several waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid,hepatitis-A, dysentery and diarrhoea. The solution to this lies in making people aware about the quality of water consumed by them and treatment methods that can be adopted to improve the water quality.


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Access to Safe Water

Despite various technological interventions in the water industry, the situation has remain unchanged. Along with the affordability, it is very essential to frame our outreach to Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) customers. This can be strategized through appropriate service delivery models, developed considering socio-economic and market scenarios of the subserviced areas. Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) and Development Alternatives aimed at ensuring access to safe water to the BoP through testing innovative delivery models. The action research looked into testing the scalability potential of these models in wider dissemination of these products in BoP market.

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