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Communication is an integral part of the development process. It facilitates reaching out most effectively to the relevant stakeholders. DA develops innovative communication strategies - campaigns to create a dialogue among communities, between communities and decision makers at local, sub-national and national level. DA uses the two-way process of employing a range of communication tools, and approaches both traditional and conventional communication tools and products, that empower individuals and communities to take actions to improve their lives, by creating awareness and facilitating behavioural change for sustainable development. Radio Bundelkhand, the first community radio of Madhya Pradesh, is one such mechanism of providing voice to the community for its empowerment. Radio Bundelkhand celebrated its 9th Anniversary on 23rd October 2017.

About Radio Bundelkhand: Currently, Radio Bundelkhand has an 11-hour transmission daily between 07:00 am – 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. These broadcast timings for programmes have been decided by the communities, based on their daily routine. The primary audiences of Radio Bundelkhand are women, youth, farmers and other vulnerable groups of the community. The reach out is to more than 120 villages in the radius of around 15 km.

Community Engagement: Most of the programmes of Radio Bundelkhand are developed with the participation of local community. Community participation is enhanced by inviting local folk singers to the Community Radio Station. Radio Bundelkhand follows various programme formats, including talk shows, expert interviews, documentaries, musical programmes, radio dramas and phone-in programmes.

Use of Bundeli Dialect: One important aspect that differentiates Radio Bundelkhand programmes from the other media present in the region is their use of Bundeli, the local dialect of Bundelkhand. The songs played during the programmes are sung by local folk singers in Bundeli, which promotes and contributes towards sustaining the local art forms.  Almost all the other media channels, including other community radio stations, use Hindi as their communication medium; but the radio-reporter’s team of Radio Bundelkhand has always used Bundeli in their programmes, which has strengthened their connection with the listeners, and increased the sense of relativity with its programmes. There are more than 2000 Bundeli songs recorded by Radio Bundelkhand in the last six years, which is one of the largest collections of Bundeli songs available.


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Jalvayu Pitara

Jalvayu Pitara is an online, self-learning, interactive e – platform for community radios of the Himalayan region to build capacity of community reporters on effective grassroots climate change communication. Toolkit is in Hindi and designed and development on edutainment format of communication with of UNESCO. Whole content of the toolkit is divided in 3 modules as one “Climate change – An Introduction” second “Climate Change in Himalayn region” and third is “Role of Community Radio”. Salient features of the e- platform add by making it more user friendly to develop understanding on climate change at grassroots level.

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Rural Reality Shows for Catalysing Large-Scale Climate Change Adaptation

The project is to create awareness by empowering rural communities to be the change agents for the climate change adaptation through specially designed ‘edutainment’ programmes in rural reality show format. The communities were encouraged to adopt and disseminate ‘do-able’ adaptation measures in a competitive mode. Contemporary media technology like Community Radio and Video Resource Centers (VRC) was adopted for communicating climate change issues and adaptation measures to the rural communities.

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Shubh Kal (Better Future) from Information to Knowledge and Action

The project aims to strengthen community knowledge and voice on climate change by increasing their input into local research and policy dialogue. And to transform the way science and research inform policy. The project developed an innovative communication model to strengthen grassroots climate change communication through bridging the gap between local knowledge, research and policy. The project has been implemented with the help of 4 community radio in the region.ed with the help of 4 community radio in the region.

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