Empowerment through Literacy

Literacy is critical to economic and social development as well as individual and community well-being. Effective literacy skills open the doors to more educational and employment opportunities so that people are able to pull themselves out of poverty and chronic underemployment, leading to overall empowerment. Development Alternatives’ flagship program, TARA Akshar+, is a gradual stride in this direction. Using state of the art ICT based pedagogy and ingenious Memory hook techniques, the TARA Akshar+ program is delivered to illiterate women at their doorstep in just 56 days, delivering functional literacy through a robust implementation strategy and a well-trained cadre of trainers. This is followed by an innovative and engaging 6 months of ‘Gyan Chaupali’, a chaupal where women learn, revise and practice the newly acquired literacy skills in the realm of Health, Hygiene, Financial Literacy and Livelihood preparedness. Literacy through the TARA Akshar+ program has been successfully delivered to over 2 Lakh women across 10 States in India in the last decade.

Support our initiative to empower rural illiterate women to break the shackles of illiteracy and bring the desired change in their lives. To read more please go to http://www.taraakshar.org/


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Sustainable Community Development 'Hariyali, Udyamita aur sampannata'

Hariyali, Udyamita aur Sampannata’, is a Village Development Programme which looks at transforming a village into a

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Literacy to self Reliance

A significant relationship has been seen between literacy, employment and development. Literacy and vocational skills benefits both individuals & communities. It transforms people, communities & the social structure at large, and is key to socioeconomic development. Literacy plays an important role in providing skilled manpower and thereby empowerment.


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Literacy for Women

TARA Akshar+ is a laptop based functional literacy programme, which can train an illiterate person to read & write and perform basic numerical skills, in just 112 contact hours (2 hours daily spanning over 56 days).


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