Mr George C. Varughese

Mr George C. Varughese

As the president of the Development Alternatives, Mr Varughese has undertaken the task of building a trans-disciplinary group, capable of addressing issues related to environment and sustainable development. He has coordinated or actively participated in nearly all the assignments undertaken by this group.

Environment and Development - Mr Varughese has nearly two decades of experience in various facets of environment and development, including activities related to national and international policy formulation, technical support to programmes and projects, conducting training programmes, building partnerships and managing large-scale field programmes, involving community participation.

Areas of Expertise - His areas of expertise include Programme Planning and Management, Institutional Design, Regional Environmental Planning, Environment Impact Assessment; Natural Resource Management, Information Systems Management, Policy Formulation and Construction Management.

Education: Mr Varughese has a Master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning and bachelors in civil engineering.

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