Mr. AVM S. Sahni

Mr. AVM S. Sahni

Senior Advisor at Development Alternatives, Air Vice Marshal S. Sahni has worked extensively on degraded lands, wastelands and has pioneered work on water-harvesting structures in the arid and semi-arid areas of Central India.

Dhaincha Advantage - He has lead the way for the use of Sesbania Biopinosa (Dhaincha) for increased soil fertility and making available raw materials viz seed and slew of Dhaincha. This has lead to increasing the income of farmers and employment of many rural people.

Afforestation - In 1987, AVM Sahni initiated the greening of two denuded hillocks on either side of Datia town with an area of approximately 238 acres through natural regeneration. He was instrumental in the greening of 150 acres of wasteland with high PH (saline alkaline) soil in the Semai and Sindhwani villages of the Datia district.

Augmentation of Surface Water and Ground Water - Under his guidance, 126 small, medium and large check dams have been constructed in the Bundelkhand region. These check dams play a key role in revolutionising the economy of the land, which is traditionally semi-arid, marked by drought-like conditions.

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